Jefferys Philosophy

Fun Ride – Fun Life, We build bike to let everyone exploring their cities and enjoying their life.
Drive less, Ride more.

About Us

JEFFERY INDONESIA is official principal and sole distributor for license bicycle with lifestyle concept in Indonesia. Establish since 2011, Jefferys Indonesia bring new concept of riding bicycle to Indonesia to let everyone can enjoy their bike. We bring premium brand with high quality product emerge with good design. This is what we call lifestyle. We carried some brands : London Taxi, JEEP, Asahi, IIMO. Our Head Office is in Hongkong, and branch office at Japan, China, and in Indonesia. The bikes have selling to Japan, Korea, Hongkong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The most important thing for us when it comes to the brands we sell is being able to stand behind the product and the company support. We have carefully selected the bicycle brands, quality and concept we carry on. London Taxi is one of our core brand with lifestyle and vintage concept. We also have our best seller tricycle, IIMO, which is design by Japan, produce in Taiwan. All the product range from kids to adults you can find at high end department stores and toys store at Indonesia.